Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BodyLogicMD Offers Botox, Hormone Therapy and Skin Care Services

Chicago Practice Combines Medical and Holistic Approach
CHICAGO, IL--(MARKET WIRE)--Oct 3, 2006 -- With new medspas, skin care clinics and anti-aging centers opening every day, there are more choices than ever in reversing or preventing the signs of aging.
With Botox(TM) being one of the most popular treatments for those wanting to decrease the look of visible lines and wrinkles, doctors are quickly adding the procedure and offering it to their patients. But these doctors do not all have the specialty of hormone therapy under their belt, which can greatly improve the look and feel of skin when combined with Botox(TM).
Dr. Paul Savage of BodyLogicMD, a national network of doctors specializing in hormone therapy and skincare, is leading the pack by offering a skin treatment program that combines Botox(TM) with hormone therapy.
"While Botox(TM) is great for treating lines and wrinkles, integrating it with hormone therapy will produce an overall improvement in the skin," says Dr. Savage, the Chief Medical Officer of both Chicago-area BodyLogicMD offices and co-founder of BodyLogicMD. "As the Botox is smoothing the face and giving it a younger appearance, the hormone therapy is treating aging skin by adding hydration, improving collagen and elastins -- and balance from the inside out."
With the skin being the largest organ in the body and one of the most important, balanced hormones are crucial to healthy skin. By offering a complete package of skin care and hormone evaluations, Dr. Savage is able to treat skin problems from a superficial approach, while simultaneously treating the multiple causes of hormonal imbalances.
"Here at BodyLogicMD, we believe in a holistic approach to skin care," says Dr. Savage. "We use medical grade skin care formulas integrated with organic skin care lines and organic microdermabrasion."
The Experts
Trained under Dr. Savage are two expert aestheticians treating patients with BodyLogicMD skin services. Susan Anthony has been a leader in the aesthetics industry for the past ten years. Originally from Burmouth, England, Susan trained at one of the most prestigious schools in England where she mastered the art of skin care and nutrition. Her natural leadership skills have led her to work with some of the most world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeons.
At BodyLogicMD, Susan is committed to provide her clients not only the spa experience, but also an education that the true quality of skin care is a culture from within. "Beautiful skin is a balance of external procedures and lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise and spirit," Susan explains.
Justyna Leniartek has been a leader in the beauty industry for more than ten years. She found her passion for making others look and feel beautiful when she started to have problems with her own skin, and became fascinated with skin care. She then decided to get her aesthetician's license and passionately embarked on a career in helping others achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Throughout her career as a skin care specialist, Justyna worked for many prominent institutions, including several board-certified plastic surgeons, where she became educated in medical aesthetics.
Today, Justyna has taken her experience and knowledge to BodyLogicMD where she is dedicated to providing the best possible service to each client. "Our mission is not only to provide the best customer service in the industry," Justyna explains, "but to educate and customize a unique program designed specifically for that client. Skincare is a lifestyle, and we want to stress that to everyone who comes through our doors."

About Dr. Paul Savage
Dr. Paul Savage is the founder of BodyLogicMD, a nationwide network of physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Savage received his medical degree from the University of Michigan and is double board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He owns the Chicago-based BodyLogicMD practices.

About BodyLogicMD
Founded in 2003, BodyLogicMD offers bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition and fitness to women and men. Its nationwide network of anti-aging physicians helps those suffering from hormonal imbalance, menopause and andropause.
Chicago and locations include:
150 E. Huron Street, Suite 802Chicago, IL 60611
For appointments and information call (866) 535-2563 384
E. Irving Park RoadRoselle, IL 60172
For appointments and information call (866) 535-2563
For more information visit

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