Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poultry slaughterhouses in Chinatown may switch to selling

(TNA) – All five chicken slaughterhouses in Bangkok's Chinatown area may be forced to switch to selling chicken meat in future in the wake of renewed concern regarding the deadly avian influenza in the country, a senior official of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said Sunday.

Samphanthawong district director Prasert Intusoma, who supervises Chinatown, said he had held a meeting with owners of the five poultry slaughterhouses last week on the possibility that they jointly send birds for slaughtering at more hygienic slaughterhouses on the outskirts of Bangkok -- and further removed from population centres -- and bring the meat for sale at their existing sales venues.

The idea is to ensure consumer confidence because the five slaughterhouses are now selling several hundred chickens daily, Mr. Prasert said.

Bangkok deputy governor Wanlop Suwandee said that the BMA has been monitoring areas where bird flu had spread earlier as well as areas on the outskirts of Bangkok where fighting cocks are raised.

Mr. Wanlop added that so far there has been suggestion of any outbreak of avian influenza in the Thai capital. The precautionary measure would raise the level of protection in the capital.

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