Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Health Tip: Shop Healthy

(HealthDay News) -- While your grocery list may be chock full of only healthy items, it's difficult for many of us to avoid filling our carts with cakes, cookies and other junk foods.

Here are suggestions on how to resist the temptation, courtesy of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry:
  • Try to spend most of your shopping time in the produce section. Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables -- you can also get frozen or canned fruits and veggies to save on preparation time.
  • Buy only whole-grain or multi-grain breads.
  • Allow yourself to buy one dessert a week. Denying yourself junk food altogether could lead to binging.
  • Choose only low-fat dairy products.
    Buy enough fish and lean meats (like chicken) for at least three meals per week.
  • Read the labels on everything you buy. Limit saturated fats in foods to no more than 15 percent of each item's total calories.

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