Thursday, December 27, 2007

How does Radiancio work?

Radiancio nourishes and stimulates your muscle and connective tissues, and endocrinal and nervous systems to keep your body fully functional against the damaging effects of bacterial and environmental toxins, and free radical damage. Radiancio inhibits the breakdown of elastin (flexible connective fiber that helps hold tissues in place).

This prevents the sagging of skin caused by aging and free-radical damage. Radiancio improves the texture and quality of your hair, nails, and skin by enhancing the production of collagen (protein fiber that is the main support of skin, tendon, bone, cartilage, and connective tissue) and keratin (the primary fibrous component of skin, hair, and nails).

It enhances and progressively reactivates your hair, nail, and skin’s natural production of lipids and nourishing water content. This relieves the tight and uncomfortable sensation of dryness. The key antioxidant derivatives of Radiancio help boost your hair, nail, and skin's natural radiance by reducing discoloration and pigmentation so that they appear clean, healthy, and refreshed.

Radiancio reduces the production of sebum to prevent thick and healthy hair from becoming weak and dying. Radiancio is the perfect herbal supplement to revitalize your appearance by exerting a complete and natural beautifying process while supporting your body's cellular systems.

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