Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Health Tip: Watch For Frostbite

(HealthDay News) - Frostbite occurs when body tissue essentially freezes after exposure to extreme cold.

Children are at greater risk because their body heat escapes more easily, and because they may be less prone to coming inside when it's downright freezing, the Nemours Foundation says.
The foundation offers these suggestions aimed at warding off frostbite among kids:
  • Get your child inside immediately if you notice fingers, cheeks, ears, lips, nose or toes that are turning white. If these areas take on a waxy appearance, seek emergency treatment at once.
  • Take off all wet clothes.
  • Get your child into a warm bath until there's feeling again in the affected areas. Be sure to use warm water, not hot.
  • Don't let your child control the water temperature, as she can be burned because she can't feel if water is too hot.

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