Thursday, March 27, 2008

Examination Process

Ten (Dash) fold (Bidha) Examination (Pariksha)

Related to the patient.

Covers body constitution, pathological state, tissue vitality, physical build, body measurement, adaptability, psychic constitution, capacities for digestion & exercise and age.

1. Body Constitution (prakriti):
Determined by relative predominance of doshas during foetal development the prakriti can be any of vatika, paittika, Kaphaja, Vata paittika, Vata Kaphaja, Pitta Kaphaja or samdoshaja.

2. Pathological State (vikruti):
Related to the biological history of the diseases in its entirety, it enables physicians to consider the signs & symptoms of the disease in order to assess the strength of the disease, the causes, the doshas, the affected body elements, body constitution, time and strength of an individual.
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