Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Simple Ayurvedic Case Study:

So, just the other day, a 24 year old woman comes to me complaining that she has not had a menstrual period in 5 months and that she does not feel as though she has as much energy as she used to. Prior to the last 5 months of her periods were regular and light with minimal discomfort.

She has recently noticed a crusty grayish discharge from her vagina. She enjoys sex, however intercourse has recently become painful as she does not lubricate as much as she used to. She has also noticed that her hair appears to be thinning. Prior to five months ago she recalls having nice ordinary hair. Her history reveals that there have been no major illnesses or traumatic events that she can recall during her life. She is taking no medications.

Further history reveals that she has excessive gas and occasional constipation have been present for about two years. She has always slept well, and her appetite is always regular. She eats three meals a day consistently and occasionally snacks .

Full case:

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