Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food shortages force jumbos out of jungles

Severe drought and slash-and-burn farming practices are forcing wild elephants to come out of their natural habitats in search of food, activists say. ''The drought crisis, coupled with ecologically destructive farming practices, pose a major threat to natural sources of food and shelter for elephants in the wild,'' said Soraida Salwala, founder of the Friends of the Asian Elephant group, in an interview with the Bangkok Post.

''Undoubtedly, the drastic climate change is now a cause of concern because if it drags on and worsens, the well-being of hundreds of elephants will be in jeopardy,'' she said.

In Kanchanaburi province, Pinan Chotiroseranee, president of the Kanchanaburi Conservation Group, blamed a mass exodus of wild elephants into the outside world on human encroachment on their natural habitat in the Salak Phra wildlife sanctuary, which is currently experiencing a serious shortage of water. Read more...

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