Monday, January 25, 2010

Parasites Cleanse, different programs for cleansing parasites

"Parasites Cleanse
Most people believe that parasites are something that happens to someone else. I don't have parasites. Well, that is true for some people, and that is false for many other people. It is estimated that more then 50 % of people in western world, have some parasitic or semi-parasitic animal living inside their body.
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Parasites could be a cofactor in almost every illness, and that is why we have many pages on CureZone dedicated to parasites. (parasitic animals)
How can I get rid of parasites?
Hulda Clark says: 'Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you. Read more...

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