Saturday, October 29, 2011

Calcium During Pregnancy Reduces Harmful Blood Lead Levels

This is locking the barn after the horse is stolen or too little too late. Read up on my websites about the lifelong adverse effects of LEAD on the growing fetus including later criminal behavior and its link to lead levels then decide, if this is your daughter’s pregnancy, do you want real lead lowering or homeopathic lead lowering??

Lowering lead levels during pregnancy and lactation by 8, 14, or 31 % is great but CALCIUM is NOT THE ANSWER, we are trading one problem for another. If you want no complications during pregnancy like eclampsia, which I have prided myself on during my 50 years of medical practice, start learning all the trace minerals but focus on Magnesium. See how this high calcium intake, which aggravates magnesium deficiency, and learn from my website after reading some of the 507 references published there with the abstracts to position EDTA properly in the mind of a pregnant patient. Read more...

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