Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wild edible plants and natural solutions for diabetes

by: Jonathan Landsman

Why should you care about wild edibles? Because many health experts agree that wild edibles are the highest quality, best foods available to eat. The NaturalNews Talk Hour presents "Wild Edibles - The Miracle of Greens" with our special guest Sergei Boutenko, raw food expert.

"I learn something new every single week. Thanks for all you do to spread Natural Health. You are a true blessing!" - Kevin

The value of wild edibles

Have you been to your local health food store lately? It's expensive! But, if you eat wild edibles, you can save lots of money and dramatically improve your health - at the same time. Try adding some Arrowroot, Chickweed or Cattail to your next smoothie, soup or salad - that's powerful nutrition!

In addition, wild edibles can be considered one of the best sources for quality food on the planet - today. Thanks to Monsanto and the genetic engineering of our food supply - it's getting harder and harder to find genuinely (pure) organic food. Wild plant food tends to be richer in mineral content (vs. conventionally grown produce) and provide delicious flavor! Join us for an inspirational show and learn how to eliminate ANY health problem with wholesome foods. Read more...

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