Friday, December 15, 2006

Traveler's Acidic Consequence and Holiday Season Influenza

Here are two non-contagious lifestyle and dietary conditions (called diseases by allopathic medicine) for which I have given new names:

1) Traveler's Acidic Consequence is a result of the sum total consumption and behaviors of a traveler during their more unusual or somewhat different from normal lifestyle than when they were not traveling.

A typical traveler's day will upset one's normal metabolism and digestive habits.

They eat and drink different foods at different times and different volumes than usual, which creates an over-acid state and a need for more alkaline buffers (bicarbonates) leading to indigestion, constipation, dehydration and further problems of acidity, depending on the degree of irregularity.

Traveler's Acidic Consequence is commonly blamed by allopathic medical science on a particular site on the traveler's path as if he caught something.

This current medical ideology is based on Pasteur's germ theory and is a scientific illusion.

The true cause of this condition is the result of the traveler's acidic dietary choices and the lack of alkaline hydration, nutrition and hygiene that can result in this over-acidic condition.

2) Holiday Season Influenza (The Flu) is a result of the sum total consumption and behaviors of a person during so-called holiday acidic feasting.

They will consume acidic foods and drinks that they know are not healthy or alkalizing, i.e., more sugar or sugar substitutes than normal, alcohol, meats and much of this at greater volumes than normal.

They become detrimentally influenced physically and emotionally by holiday acidic foods. Holiday Season Influenza is commonly blamed on a particular virus contracted from another person(s) and not from acidic lifestyle and dietary choices of that person.

Like the acidic traveler, a person chooses to consume on their own as many acidic foods and drinks during the holiday season and as a result are suffering from the consequences of their poor dietary choices -- not from some phantom flu virus!

The flu is nothing more than the body increasing temperature to improve circulation to remove excess acidity through perspiration, respiration, defication and urination.

Also, please keep in mind it doesn't take either traveling or holidays for someone to express the symptoms of Traveler's Acidic Consequence and/or Holiday Season Influenza.

All you need to do is consume excessive amounts of acidic meats, chocolate, ice cream, cake, alcohol or other thrillers. This can happen in the middle of a warm summer.

This coming Holiday Season may you resolve not to succumb to the acidic choices that lead to Traveler's Acidic Consequence and/or Holiday Season Influenza.

In love and healing Alkaline light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

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