Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Osteopenia and joint pain

After going thru chemo and and radiation for BC, I now find out that I have osteopenia (almost osteroporosis of the hip), I'm 54, lots of pilates, walk 15 miles a week but thin and small boned. I have also had lots of joint and muscle pain. I'm pretty depressed about this. Have also decided not to take an aromatase inhibitor that would increase my bone risk. My confusion is.... what supplements should I be taking, how much and when. I need D, calcium, K, magnesium, boron, ..... I probably should also be taking anti-inflammatory supplements as well (I ordered ArthroPro). I looked at Bone Restore by LEF and they recommend that you take all 5 pills at night. I thought you were only to take 500 mg of calcium at 1 time. I am really confused, doing a lot of research but there are a wide range of opinions. Too may different things to take, don't want too much of anything (there is redundancy between the supplements. Has anyone worked out a protocol for themselves that seems manageable and successful?? I can't take any type of estrogen. I'm sure there are many folks who have joint and bone issues. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Read more…

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